The kingdom of Passen Tor lies at the northwestern
outskirts of the continent of Beremund. It is a rugged,
sparsely inhabited land, populated more by dark forests
and long-forgotten valleys, and by their monstrous
inhabitants, than it is by the hearty citizens who do their
best to make a home in the wilderness. It is said that
ages ago a mighty empire held the land that is now
Passen Tor as its capital, putting the rugged,
inhospitable terrain to use as a military stronghold.

Though this Old Empire long ago fell under one of the
many Great Cataclysms that are said to dot history, and
the locations of its major holdings have been lost,
scattered in the wilderness of current-day Passen Tor are
broken forts and ruined castles that mark the legacy of
the fallen civilization. It is rumored that some of these
contain ancient treasures and wondrous devices which
will grant their finders unimagined wealth, fame, and
power — if only they can be found and recovered. Many
have tried, and many have died in the process. What
few artifacts have made it back to the light of day are
hoarded in libraries, universities, and a few rare private
collections, and exist mostly unknown to the world at

Now, roughly a thousand years after the most recent
Cataclysm, civilization has once again recovered
enough to begin encroaching upon the blasted heart of
the fallen empire. The demands of a new population are
pushing back the wilderness, but sometimes, the
wilderness fights back..

Passen Tor

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