Passen Tor

Session 1

Welcome to the Old School

Scene: Town of Garanton, located in The Meres, a northwestern territory of the kingdom of Passen Tor. This place is all mountains, forests, and lakes. All the meatheads from the region have gathered for the annual Feast of Saint Garan.

The four adventurers, Yorl, Gwannyn, Desomnd, and Edmund all meet while staying in the stables of Mikail Vetter, since Konnar’s Inn is completely run over by the Wilder Company assholes. Mihail’s two sons, Kees and Irun, keep Yorl, Gwannyn, and Desmond occupied with stupid questions and adoration. After a night of rest, the four, Edmund, Desmond, Yorl, and Gwannyn, decide to investigate the town a bit. Edmund looses a gold piece to Lady Ayla Paksan throwing daggers. Yorl, Desmond, and Gwannyn check out the Abbey of Saint Garan, and run into Brant Awell. Brant’s a kook who promises to pay each of them 3GP for posing for a portrait. Deidre, his beard, introduces herself as his assistant. Father Cowl Ulric, the town’s head pedophile, also introduces himself. The contest begins with feats of strength. All strain to pick up the heaviest of the three stones, except Sir Havad Quinn, alpha male for hire and general douche. The rest of the Wilder company have a go, with mixed success. Yorl, Desmond, and Gwannyn can’t get past the lightest stone. Edmund considers joining the Wilders. The nightly feast is attended by all four of the adventurers.

After a quick breakfast, the adventurers happen upon Deidre. She states that Brant has not come back from his nightly work on the carving of Saint Garon, located Northwest of town, atop a vertical stone mountain side. Desmond and Edmund join the search party. It takes 30 minutes to get to the location of the carving. Edmund climbs a series of ladders, finding Brant’s tools and belt abandoned at the top. On the return trip, the search party fans out and sweeps the area around the foot path. No clues are found. Desmond and Edmund return, and while talking to Yorl and the Dorf, Deidre informs them of an overnight slaughter of cows at a nearby farm. Desmond is able to make it back for the feats of dexterity, where he, Gwannyn, and Yorl suck it up. Sir Havad Quinn looks more dexterous than a ballerina. Afterwards, the town gathers for the nightly feast. While waiting around for food, a giant beetle charges through the crowd, heading right at Yorl. While the ragtag adventurers beat the crap out of the beetle, Havad Quinn charges in an effort to claim all the glory. However, he trips over Edmund, who clumsily attempts to leap at the beetle. Edmund is crushed under the weight of Sir Douche planting his face into the ground. The poor bug is finally squished by Gwannyn, covering all nearby with its guts. Egan waddles to the scene and apologizes for the trouble. He is also saddened by the death of his pet and source of income. After the feast, Yorl visits Konnar’s Inn in the hopes of getting friendly with the Wilder group. He tries to hook up with Big Annamar, but is friend-zoned. She expresses her interest for Edmund. Dejected, Yorl spends the rest of the night trying to piss off Sir Havad, who downs many, many pints. At dusk, Edmund stealths himself, just outside Konnar’s Inn, but does not see anyone leave, nor enter, the inn.

In the morning, father Cowl Ulric tells the Party – The scribe is sufficiently convinced that the Gods have joined the faiths of these four, by now. So, they are henceforth known as the Party. Amen. – that there has been another attack on the same farm, overnight. The Party is now pretty sure that the Wilders are not werewolves, at least not the werewolves that attacked the farm. – Fuck that. The scribe proposes that the Party come up with a cool name for itself. “Wilderer Company”? The scribe may be stoned at the moment. – The Party investigates, finding that the farmers were attacked by flying green-eyed creatures with sharp claws and teeth. Back in town, the competitors start the feats of skills; equestrianship. Sir Havad looks like shit, and performs just as well, falling off his horse on the first attempt. Gwannyn aces the three trials, as does Big Annamar. Upon completion, the massive Aruki rides over to Edmund and abducts him. They ride off to the local Red Roof Inn, for an afternoon of staining the linens. The halfling returns just in time to set up watch in the town’s steeple, alongside Gwannyn. Yorl and Edmund take up positions on the ground, along with other volunteers. After some waiting, a large creature is flying South of town. Edmund follows it. A minute later, screams are heard in town, and another flying creature is seen lading. Edmund and Gwannyn race towards the commotion, as does Yorl. The three arrive to witness one human stab another. The stabber has company, in the form of a demon. Team Shortass drop the human caster from range, while Yorl plays a good meatshield and eventually wrestles the demon to the ground. Desmond arrives at the scene just as Edmund drops the demon with an arrow.



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